next show:   6/12/16, Still Life With Toupee and other stories @ The Federal Bar
13th Annual Emerging Voices Group Show
with new fiction by
Wendy All
Tony Kellam
Denise Osso
Richard A. Sanchez
Chelika Yapa
William Youngblood

Guest Cast:
Nadine Bedrossian (
The Laramie Project)
Alex Blue Davis (
Jesse Holcomb (
Its You, Not Me)
Esther Williams (Theatre of NOTE)
Wilson Wong (
Get Better Boss, Entanglement)
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Sample stories by May featured writers
Wendy All and Richard A. Sanchez at
Brain In A Jar and other stories
by Body Parts Magazine editor
Kirsten Imani Kasai

Guest Cast:
Alex Boling (
Awkward Stages, Suburgatory)
Taylor Calmus (
Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Middle)
Emmy Award winner Barbara Keegan (
NCIS: LA, Caddyshack)
Kirsten Imani Kasai
Still Life With Toupee and other stories
by Rainbow Award finalist
Daniel M. Jaffe

Guest Performers:
Jim Hanks (
Two Minutes To Midnight)
Ryan Klamen (
Alley Way)
Matthew Lange (
Where The Bears Are, General Hospital)
Daniel M. Jaffe
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13th Annual Emerging Voices Group Show
The New Short Fiction Series
20th Anniversary Season
Eat, Drink and Be Literate!
5th Annual Northern Writes - Part I
featuring short fiction by
Alex Behr
Marsha Roberts

Guest Cast:
Brandan Hunter Davis (
Zoey 101)
Holger Moncada, Jr. (
Jane The Virgin, Scorpion)
Jamie Silberhartz (
Reinventing Cassie, Private Practice)
Alex Behr
* Get Lit in the Lounge *
Marsha Roberts
* Get Lit in the Lounge *