11th Annual Emerging Voices Group Show
featuring new fiction by
Eric Barnhart, Shanda Connolly,
Julia Cooperman, Trista Payte,
Sean Pessin
and Cynthia Romanowski

Guest Cast:
Alex Boling (
Suburgatory’s Alex)
Angela Gibbs (
Scandal, The Fosters’ Michelle)
Deborah Geffner (
Mad Men, All That Jazz)
Buckley Sampson (
Breaking & Entering)
Wilson Wong
The New Short Fiction Series
Eat, Drink and Be Literate!
next show:  8/10/14,  Unlucky Bunnies & other stories @ The Federal Bar
Missing Walls and other stories
by 1st runner-up 2012-13 New Letters’ Alexander Patterson Cappon Prize for Fiction
Laura Simko

Guest Cast:
Jesse Aran Holcomb (
Dead of Night, Glee)
Karen Praxel (
Screwed, Gossip Boy)
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Unlucky Bunnies and other stories
by Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Award Honorable Mention winner
Samantha Eliot Stier

Guest Cast:
Kevin Brief (Hart of Dixie, Supernatural)
Jessica Hopper (
The Mentalist, The Leftovers)
Download Daredevil by July
featured writer
Colette Sartor at
Emerging Voices 2014
Laura Simko
* Get Lit in the Lounge *
Once Removed
by Reynolds Price Short Fiction Award winner
Colette Sartor

Guest Cast:
Carolyn Gilroy (
This Is Where We Live)
Jessica Hopper (
The Bold and the Beautiful, Entourage)
Karen Teliha (
Getting On’s Mrs. Warren)
Colette Sartor
Samantha Eliot Stier
* Get Lit in the Lounge *
Glowing: Stories of Light, Internal and External
at The Annenberg Community Beach House's
Beach=Culture series

featuring new fiction by
Elaine Barnard, Jill Glass and Bryan Hurt

Guest Cast:
Miri Hunter Haruach (
Ryan Klamen (
Office Problems)
Free Event, reservations required
Click below for details