Animal Control and other stories
by Pushcart Prize winner
Mary Kuryla

Guest Cast:
Deborah Geffner (
Scandal, All That Jazz)
Carolyn Gilroy (
This Is Where We Live)
Karen Praxel
(Screwed, Gossip Boy)   
The New Short Fiction Series
Eat, Drink and Be Literate!
next show:  4/12/15,  Welcome To The Moon and other stories by Marc Morgenstern @ The Federal Bar
Empty Bed Blues and other stories
by Folio Annual Fiction Prize winner
Kate Kaplan

Guest Cast:
Jesse Holcomb (
It's You Not Me, Glee)
Jessica Hopper (
The Mentalist , The Leftovers)
Buckley Sampson (
Breaking & Entering)
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and other titles by March featured writer
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Welcome To The Moon and other stories
by Suisman Writing Prize winner
Marc Morgenstern

Guest Cast:
David Bickford (
True Blood's Reverend Skinner)
Taylor Calmus (
Geek USA, The Middle)
Ryan Klamen (
Office Problems)
Marc Morgenstern
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Democracy and other stories
by GuerrillaReads Editor
Bronwyn Mauldin

Guest Performers:
Sarah Beth Goer (
David St. James (
Transformers: Dark of the Moon)
Wilson Wong (
Bronwyn Mauldin
Mary Kuryla
Kate Kaplan
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* Get Lit in the Lounge *