Daniel M. Jaffe is the author of the novel-in-stories The
Genealogy of Understanding
(Lethe Press, 2014), a finalist for
Rainbow Award, the collection Jewish Gentle and Other
Stories of Gay –Jewish Living
(Lethe Press, 2011), and the
novel T
he Limits of Pleasure (Bear Bones Books 2010) which
was a finalist for a
ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year
.  His short stories have been published in dozens of
anthologies, literary journals and newspapers in over half a
dozen countries.  
Jaffe complied and edited With Signs and
Wonders: An International Anthology of Jewish Fabulist
(Invisible Cities Press 2001) and translated the Russian-
Israeli novels
Here Comes The Messiah! and The White Days
of Córdoba.
 A teacher in UCLA’s Extension Writers Program
who holds degrees from
Princeton, Harvard Law School and
Vermont College, he is profiled in The Greenwood
Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature
and at The
Writings of Daniel M. Jaffe.
Still Life With Toupee and other stories
June 12, 2016, 7 pm @ The Federal Bar
"…Jaffe's choice of the short story as his medium allows him to
focus on specific, thorny issues facing gay Jews, as well as the
broader Jewish community, with unique intensity.  His tales are
concise, clearly written, and widely accessible.  His characters
are sympathetic yet flawed; their emotional undercurrents are
vulnerable and romantic at heart, and their religiosity deeply
ingrained, while their sexuality is frequently frank but never
Jewish Book World Magazine  "Daniel Jaffe asks
many of the questions we all ask…However, his  perspective is
far from common.…
Jaffe is unquestionably a gifted writer with
much to say in a voice that is rarely heard."  
XFactor  "…Jaffe’s
stories focus on this world’s problems, particularly familial
Jaffe’s character explores what makes us human
– what connects us to each other and what separates us."  
* Daniel M. Jaffe*
Daniel M. Jaffe